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Kingsland Church, Lexden, Colchester

Kingsland Church has a rapidly growing congregation and provides a range of community activities on a daily basis. The result of their success has been the need to provide at least two separate services on a Sunday morning The original church building, which has been retained, provided not only insufficient space but also poor acoustics.  The church was seeking a new building to promote their faith into the 21st century.


Because of the close proximity of residential housing the building is fully sound sealed with no opening windows.  Fresh air is supplied through an external air-handling unit with acoustic baffles and in order to control internally generated sound the building is required to meet strict sound levels.  In addition to a large hall space the building provides a kitchen and toilets.


Highwoods Methodist Church, Gavin Way, Colchester

A local church and a meeting place for a new community in Colchester.  We designed the original building in 1999 with a view towards future growth and have recently added an extension to provide additional facilities.

Mersea Methodist Church, West Mersea, Essex

The church were seeking to extend both their worship and community orientated facilities but were hampered by the limitations of their existing Wesleyan chapel building with its fixed pews and small school room extension to the rear.


The existing chapel has been refurbished by removing the fixed pews and providing new finishes, heating and lighting. A new extension located at the rear of the chapel  provides a new hall, vestry, kitchen and accessible toilets. New external gates and a driveway lead to new parking spaces located to the front and rear of the site and the building is fully accessible for all.


The long narrow site limited options in allowing natural light into the new internal spaces and being south facing presented issues with regard to solar gain. This was overcome by a timber and aluminium brise soleil canopy, which prevents direct sunlight from entering the building whilst also signifying the pedestrian route to the main entrance.

Working with Myland Church from the beginning of their vision for a refurbished and extended church hall we produced a feasibility study that assisted in a successful lottery bid.


The existing church hall was in great need of updating and refurbishment to bring it in line with current standards and requirements.  We provided additional space and facilities in the form of a new extension that houses a new meeting room, reception, waiting and reception area, accessible toilets and storage spaces.

Myland Church Community Hall project

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