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Beth Chatto Gardens, Elmstead Market, Colchester

The Beth Chatto Gardens began in 1960. From an overgrown wasteland with poor gravel soil and boggy hollows it has been transformed into an internationally renowned ecological garden harmonising with the surrounding countryside.


The new tea room, which provides two seating areas and a food preparation area, has been designed to be as simple as possible so as not to detract from the main purpose of the gardens yet to have a presence on the site as a termination of the vista from the dry gravel garden. It retains the single storey scale of other buildings on the site and reflects the monopitch configuration of the adjacent house and offices.  In order to retain a flexibility of use, the tearooms are linked by an existing servery and can be used either individually or collectively, both affording panoramic views over the gardens and nursery.

Swimming Pool, St Osyth, Essex

The swimming pool building designed specifically for the use of residents of a caravan park on the Essex coast.  The building achieves a transparent quality through the use of butt jointed glass wall panels protected from the sun by an aluminum brise soleil.


The 23m x 13m deck-level pool adds to the concept of the flow of space and light through the pool hall achieving the effect of a building that promotes a direct relationship with other leisure activities on the site.


Locating the pool mechanical equipment in a basement area substantially reduces the visual scale of the building and the aluminium roof reflects the aesthetics of the surrounding caravans and mobile homes.

Military contracts

  • Conversion of a warehouse into office accommodation.

  • Conversion of an existing gymnasium into a regional rehabilitation unit.

  • A new battalion memorial.

  • Landscaping and lighting design for WW2 Dakota aircraft.

  • Conversion of existing dining halls layouts for new dining arrangements (ICRL).

  • New sports pavilion

In addition to undertaking projects for private clients we also provide design expertise to the public sector.


Colchester has been a historic military town since Roman days and is currently home to the British Army’s 16th Air Assault Brigade.


We have undertaken a number of projects for the MOD on the Colchester Garrison PFI site.

These include:

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